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Flower Essence Treatment

Looking for a spa treatment with a complete mind and body experience? Then this is the add-on service for you! This service can be added to ANY of our regular spa treatments. Flower Essences have been around since the 12th century but are fairly new in the U.S becoming more popular in the 1930’s as a homeopathic remedy. Flower remedy elixirs are a solution that when taken internally or applied on the body, works through the acupuncture meridian system to help solve common imbalances. Flower Essences have been known to relieve anxiety, stress, apprehension, depression, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, lack of energy and have been used for many other concerns. The flower essences we use are organic and safe to use for children and during pregnancy. For this spa experience, first you will start off with a tasteless elixir with water and flower essences to calm the mind. Then you will choose a flower essence massage serum to be used during a spa treatment of your choice that will help relieve stress and tension. At the end of the treatment you will be given another elixir with flower essences, and a vegan, gluten free, low in sugar delicious dark chocolate with flower essences in it that will also calm and purify your thoughts. This add on service is a little extra something special to treat yourself and to get your mind and body back in balance.

Time Varies

Read Description provided above! This is an amazing treatment-if your skeptical give it a try you won't be disappointed.


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