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Release your stress and knots with our massage service. All massage specials are for first time clients only please!

You can NOW fill out your consent forms online! Click Here to fill out your consent forms before your appointment

30 Minute Massage


Neck, Shoulder, Back Massage

Want to relax in just minutes? Try our 30-minute, de-stressor massage and experience your tension melting away. 

Hand & Feet Massage

Great for those individuals who are new to massage as an introduction or for those that just do not have enough time for a full body massage.

45 Minute Massage


Ask your therapist to customize the massage to what you require in 45 minutes length of time.


An effleurage technique that is soothing and gentle in which the therapist uses long, flowing strokes for relaxation.


More of a Swedish massage style.


This is for anyone who needs a lot of deep tissue bodywork done to eliminate knots or stress in their body.


Need more time to get alleviate stress in your body? Try our 90 minute deep tissue massage.

This will relax all your problem areas including your back, neck and shoulder muscles.

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