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Body Treatments

We offer body treatments that help with your skin care needs and also aid in relaxation.

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Hydrating Body Wrap and Massage


75 Minutes

A hydrating lotion is  gently massaged into your skin. You can relax and unwind with a scalp massage while you wait in your wrap for the skin moisturizing benefits to take place.

Aromatherapy Salt Glow


45 Minutes

This invigorating salt scrub uses your choice of aromatherapy to make the skin soft, radiant, and smooth. Also enjoy a scalp massage while your body exfoliates to reveal glowing skin. It is suggested that the client not shave 24 hours prior to this service.

Back Facial


60 Minutes

A back facial is perfect for anyone who wants amazing skin on their back and to also receive the benefits of light touch massage to their back. This treatment includes deep cleansing of the back, exfoliation, extractions when needed, a light back massage to tone your skin, a masque, and moisturizing cream. You will also receive the benefits of relaxation from massage to the shoulders, neck, and arms.

Body Peel


90 Minutes

Would you like to receive the benefits of a peel on your back, arms, or chest area? We will discuss your skin care needs and what you would like to accomplish with the skin on your body. This is a wonderful treatment for anyone who has skin care dilemmas such as sun spots, hyperpigmentation or acne on their back or chest area and needs to take corrective measures to improve their skin.

Detox Slimming Body Wrap


90 Minutes

This anti-cellulite slimming body wrap can decrease inches from your body in just one wrap. This wrap eliminates toxins in the body that can cause cellulite. Relax for 60 minutes while you let the slimming affects take place! It is highly recommended to receive a series of 8 treatments to receive the maximum benefits.



60 Minutes

Although Reiki is not a massage it is a very relaxing method of restoring and balancing natural energy. Reiki is used for maintaining positive wellness, preventing disorder, dis-ease, and helping in the healing process whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.

Infinity Facial and Body Treatment

75 Minutes


The infinity facial is a full body, mind & spirit approach to healing red, dry or inflamed skin, regenerating youthfulness and collagen, and eliminating acne/scars with facial reflexology and blueprint therapy.  It is a holistic therapy that uses Krystaline therapy tools to cleanse the auric field and work on common issues with the skin and body.

Retorative Energy Healing Session

75 Minutes


A unique treatment that helps address different health care desires through a variety of holistic healing methods. This session is approximately 75 minutes in length but maybe more or less depending on the healing modality used and what specific issue is being worked on.  If you are having an ailment or stress that is just not fixing itself with regular methods-this healing restorative session maybe a good service for you. This treatment offers a variety of different holistic healing methods that will target different areas of your life or body that are in pain. Your therapist will go over your specific desires and requirements and come up with the correct modalities to help you through specific issues. Some modalities that maybe used are: flower essence therapy, cold laser therapy, reiki, cranial sacral therapy, acupressure, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, reflexology and healing energy work that unlocks energy points throughout the body that help dismantle dis-ease. Note: A holistic practitioner will be working on you but not a licensed physician. There is no massage in this treatment. It is up to the therapist and their expertise to determine the correct healing modality for you.

 Anti Cellulite Massage/Body Wrap

75 Minutes


This treatment starts with dry brushing to exfoliate the skin and then uses a grapefruit, juniper, and peppermint lotion applied to the skin with a special massage technique that helps eliminate toxins and releases cellulite! Then relax in a warm blanket for 20 minutes to release extra toxins. This service is relaxing as well as beneficial for your body!

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